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A very big thank you to the Jeske Hardware Distributors for volunteering their time and talents. Also, for the keyless entry door locks, the door handles, bathroom hooks, and towel rails for both the new and existing building at Sunshine For Humanity Homeless Shelter and Free Will Store.  
These men and woman came from across the U.S. to give us a facelift.  Two teams tackled the staining, painting, and insulation of hardware.  
As part of their annual fall sales meeting their team made a positive impact in our community, the Jeske sales team voluntarily spent two days helping the Sunshine team with remodeling work and repairs around our facility.  
“Getting involved and giving back to the community is very important to us, both personally and as a company,” said Erich Russ, CEO of Jeske Hardware Distributors from Appleton WI. “Over the past several years, we have come to love the Eagle River community, and we’re happy to partner with Sunshine For Humanity and make a difference during our time there.”
Jeske Hardware Distributors is a wholesale hardware distributor located in Appleton Wisconsin. The company sells residential and commercial locks and hardware.  For more information about Jeske Hardware Distributors please visit


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Every contribution holds immense value. Our sincere gratitude is extended for every donation received. We stand together in this endeavor for individuals confronting adversity.

We are still in need of funding as our building addition is revving up and as you know there may be hidden costs and we need to be prepared for any unsuspecting costs. 


We also need to meet regular basic monthly costs expenditures.  

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Northwood United Way has given $400.00 to Sunshine and supports our communities to ensure all area residents have access to food.  Nancy Sattler, Executive Director of Northwoods United Way, hopes that this contribution will go a long way to ensure our clients are able to have their needs met.

The Greater Milwaukee Foundation GMF has given a $2500.00 grant to Sunshine.  This grant was made from the Walter and Susan Getzel Fund. Sunshine has received this grant for the past four years.  The Greater Milwaukee Foundation is home to more than 1,500 charitable funds. 

Bricks, Inc serves as God’s spirit calls to provide assistance to anyone who follows Jesus Christ, building relationships in Christ Kingdom thru service.  Bricks Inc has donated $2,500.00 towards our Feet off the Street Matching building fundraiser.   A company has challenged us to match up to $10,000.00 and they will give us dollar for dollar, this fundraiser goes through September.


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