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Every contribution holds immense value. Our sincere gratitude is extended for every donation received. We stand together in this endeavor for individuals confronting adversity.

You can double your impact of your donation with our Feet off the Streat Matching Fundraiser.

To give to the Feet off the Street Matching Fundraiser funds may be mailed to Box 782 Eagle River WI 54521,

please request funds to be for this campaign. 

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Sunshine For Humanity Inc has received three donations which total $5400.00.

The Greater Milwaukee Foundation GMF has given a $2500.00 grant to Sunshine.  This grant was made from the Walter and Susan Getzel Fund. Sunshine has received this grant for the past four years.  The Greater Milwaukee Foundation is home to more than 1,500 charitable funds. 

Northwood United Way has given $400.00 to Sunshine and supports our communities to ensure all area residents have access to food.  Nancy Sattler, Executive Director of Northwoods United Way, hopes that this contribution will go a long way to ensure our clients are able to have their needs met.

Bricks, Inc serves as God’s spirit calls to provide assistance to anyone who follows Jesus Christ, building relationships in Christ Kingdom thru service.  Bricks Inc has donated $2,500.00 towards our Feet off the Street Matching building fundraiser.   A company has challenged us to match up to $10,000.00 and they will give us dollar for dollar, this fundraiser goes through September.

Sunshine For Humanity, Inc. donations as of now are $5,900.00 towards the Feet off the Street Matching Funds Fundraiser.  We are excited to start our building this coming spring and all the money will go directly to the remodeling of our existing building.  We are excited to accommodate more families and individuals while adding two more bathrooms and a larger common area for our residents.   We have had many individuals at the homeless shelter and families, ages from infants, high school teens, and Vets, ages ranging into the 80’s.  All are welcome at the Sunshine For Humanity homeless shelter as we believe everyone deserves a helping hand up. One exception of Individuals with a conviction of a sexual crime will not be admitted.

Sunshine for Humanity is committed to ending and preventing homelessness.  We provide basic needs and safe housing to families and individuals who are experiencing homelessness.  Currently we are an 8-bed emergency and temporary shelter.  Sunshine is a 501(c)3 nonprofit charity since 2008, with an all-volunteer workforce.  100 % of all monies stay to keep the homeless shelter operational.  Sunshine has a zero-tolerance policy for alcohol or drugs.  Sunshine does random drug/alcohol testing to ensure the safety and well-being of our residents.

Pictured above is Nancy Sattler Executive Director of Northwoods United Way with Debra Johnson CEO Sunshine For Humanity

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