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Hello everyone. My name is Steven.

As we approach Thanksgiving and the Holiday Season, it’s a time to reflect and be grateful for the things and people that make life more pleasant for those in need. Such as housing, food, clothing and rekindling of spirits.

On the morning of September 15th of this year, I was in a personal domestic crisis that made me instantly hospitalized and homeless. By midafternoon of the same day, due to the good graces of my friends at Sunshine For Humanity, I was no longer hospitalized and was comfortably and safely housed at their residence for the temporarily homeless. For the next 12 days and nights I was well fed, rested and treated with dignity. All in exchange for following a few guidelines that they request their guests abide by.

I'd like to add that Ms. Debra Johnson, the leader of Sunshine, was instrumental in finding me a permanent place to live.

I'd like to Shout Out a Great Big Thank You to Debbie and her more than capable assistants Gail and Shawn. They as a team provided me and all others who needed similar help and guidance.

I'd also like to mention the pantry at Sunshine For Humanity which offers a wide variety of food items and household items for those looking for and needing free stuff.

Sunshine For Humanity does a great job for the needy and this writing is a testimony to such and endorses and supports their valiant efforts wholeheartedly.

Sincerely, SM



"Mistakes in my past resulted in me being placed on probation. I was placed in a house run by the department of corrections. Sadly, I was evicted for keeping the cats; I had for the last five years. This left me homeless without anyone to take me in. A friend of mine brought me to Eagle River, on the condition I only stay for a day or two. I called Salvation Army and was referred to Sunshine for Humanity. The store was closed, but Debbie Johnson and the other volunteers still let me in. They listened to my story and did not judge me for my mistakes. They helped me with services for the homeless and people in need. I stayed at Sunshine for Humanity until I had a new home.

Today, my life is going better than ever. I volunteer at Sunshine for Humanity. Everyone has a different story and deserves a second chance. I want to thank all the volunteers at Sunshine for Humanity for helping our community to be a better place and making me feel like family."


"I came to Sunshine For Humanity lost in life, having a direction but struggling to achieve it. After making contact, immediately I was welcomed with open arms and given hope. I am being provided food, shelter and I have been given a new outlook on life."


"This is what Sunshine for Humanity has done for me; I was going through a really hard time and Debbie helped me by giving advice, getting housing, paying bills, food, clothing, child support, car and car repairs, court dates, and doctor appointments, disability and special ed meeting for my children and gave me referrals as needed. You're a great, loving, caring, respectable friend that would do almost anything to help a person out. Thank you, Deb, for being here for me; and trusting me, and giving me a chance. You mean the world to me, I love you. Thank you for all your help. God bless you."


"I initially came to Sunshine for Humanity because I found myself between a rock and a hard place and needed help. Once I sat and talked with the volunteers and found out exactly what they did to help the community I fell in love with the idea and knew I had to help. I became a volunteer and now devote every day on top of working two jobs to helping people in our community. We’ve made great changes to our policy and the workplace. We participate in the World Wear Project where we collect gently used shoes and ship them to Mexico for the less fortunate there. We also turned the two-car garage into a Free Will Store. In our Free Will Store, we collect donations of household items to help the less fortunate build a home for themselves and their children. We help with budgeting, how to properly act during an interview, how to make a successful resume, and how to cope with personal issues to live a successful life. When we allow people to stay at Sunshine House we not only help them find jobs and help them with the resources they need to get their lives back on track, but we also help them set goals with a specific end date to get them ready for the real world.

Sarah Teets, Former C.E.O.

"The first time I heard about Sunshine was in December 2013. A family member told me about Ruby's Pantry being hosted by them. The Saturday that I decided to try it, it was a very cold day after a major snowstorm. I got to the place and registered for my share of Ruby's Pantry. While waiting Debbie came out and informed us that due to the weather they were running a little late and in need of volunteers and if anyone in the room would like to help it would be a blessing. So I thought, “Well, I have to wait anyway!” So I volunteered that morning. And I was very surprised at how many people of surrounding towns were coming and the need of the community and the great labor of Sunshine for them. After that morning I volunteered every month to help with Ruby's until the day they were forced to end this great service. Sad day and a great loss.

But this is not the only way that Sunshine serves their community. Throughout the years I've seen this organization work in the name of God helping mothers with little children getting to a safe place, pregnant young women getting the appropriate medical care and giving family support, elderly people getting from or to a doctor’s appointment, young adults to get back on their feet, sharing food with families in crisis and not only material but also family support and love. Sunshine is a good source for the community. They share information about programs and charities offered by the community, state, or federal governments. They not only provide the information but they give help to understand and follow with them until the end of the process.

Thanks to the donations of the people with good hearts to help those less fortunate, Sunshine for Humanity can give back to the community. Their love for God and community will be shown even greater with the opening of Sunshine House. Thank you Sunshine for your love for your neighbor, may God continue to bless you in helping and loving one another."

Lucy Amant, Former C.F.O.

"I came to Sunshine for Humanity for help. I was in a really bad relationship for 10 years, and I just had enough of being hit, talked bad to, etc. I did not think much about myself at all. I thought that I was not good enough for anyone and that I was ugly, and I would not amount to be anything; until I found Sunshine for Humanity. They helped me out big time. I found myself again, and I am a happy person again. I am somewhat back on my feet. I have a good guy in my life now, that treats me right and loves me, and he stands by my side, and he respects me. I love Sunshine for Humanity so much, that I became a volunteer. I have been a volunteer for 3 years now. With me being at Sunshine for 3 years I have moved up the ladder. I, Greta Jackman am now the C.A.O. So if you need any kind of help, or someone to just talk to, please please come and see us at Sunshine for Humanity."

Greta Jackman.

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