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Sunshine For Humanity, Inc.

Homeless Shelter

The Sunshine House was established in 2017 and is an emergency, temporary shelter for families, women and men who are experiencing homelessness.  We are expanding to help the homeless with transitional housing.


It is operated by Sunshine For Humanity, Inc. which is a non-profit corporation, 501(c)3 (2008).  We are committed to ending and preventing homelessness. We provide safe housing and basic needs to families and individuals who are experiencing homelessness, within an atmosphere of encouragement, respect, dignity, and hope. We are promoting self-sufficiency, giving a hand up. 

Residents are admitted on a first-come - first-served basis.  Individuals must be physically able to care for their personal needs and mentally stable in order to live safely in a communal setting. 


There is a zero-tolerance policy for alcohol and drugs.  Testing will be done at admission and randomly.

Individuals with a conviction for a sexual crime will not be admitted. 

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