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Our Mission

Sunshine for Humanity, Inc. is a non-profit Christian charity. Our mission is to faithfully aid in the improvement of human lives, to achieve health and well-being for the disadvantaged, with an emphasis on children.

Our two main ministries include;

Sunshine Home Homeless Shelter (Feet Off the Street)

Sunshine Freewill Store. 

November is Homeless Awareness Month


Donation Match

You did it !!  Congratulations  August and September $10,000.00 Feet off the Street Matching Fundraiser was a huge success!  

New Challenge: 

We need you again, please consider donating to our second

Feet off the Street Matching Fundraiser. $10,000.00 is again available for Matching Fundraiser for

November and December.

Latest Project (2023)

Phase 2:

Sunshine Homeless Shelter Remodel: Feet Off The Street Campaign 

$20,000.00 has been donated to Sunshine from an anonymous donor. With another $20,000.00 we will begin the remodeling project Spring 2024.  


Connect with us to see how you can help us pay it forward and

"Keep Feet Off the Street!" 

The remodeling has begun. The septic system has been installed.

100% of proceeds go to the Shelter.

All volunteer workforce. 

Office Hours:

Winter Hours

Monday, Wednesday, Friday

10am-12:00pm hours

Summer Hours

June 1 - November 1 Hours

Monday, Wednesday, Friday 10-1

Saturday 10-12

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