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Office Hours:


November 1 - May 31

Monday, Wednesday, Friday



June 1 - November 1

Monday, Wednesday, Friday 10-1

Saturday 10-12

November is Homeless Awareness Month

Our Mission

Sunshine for Humanity, Inc. is a non-profit Christian charity. Our mission is to faithfully aid in the improvement of human lives, to achieve health and well-being for the disadvantaged, with an emphasis on children.

Two Programs

Sunshine Home Homeless Shelter (Feet Off the Street)

Sunshine Freewill Store. 


Latest Project (2024)

Phase 3:

Sunshine Homeless Shelter Remodel:

Feet Off The Street Campaign 

May 2024 is the start of our new expansion!


We are so excited to be able to add more beds, more bathrooms and a more comfortable living space for our residents. 

 The septic system has been installed.

100% of proceeds go to the Shelter.

All volunteer workforce. 

Connect with us to see how you can help us pay it forward and

"Keep Feet Off the Street!" 

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